CV (pdf)

Name: Oleksandr Kubrak

Date of birth: Dec 27, 1976.

Gender: Male.

Marital status: Married, three children, 2000, 2006 and 2020 years of birth.

Region/City: Poltava, Ukraine.

Current location: Temporary in Spain, Torrevieja since 21.02.2022.

Phone: +380672429771




Development experience since 1999.

Network Administrator experience since 2001.

Preferred languages to work with - Clojure, Erlang, C, Perl


  • Experience of working in a team as well on projects with CI. Understanding of significance of code readability, code review, code style, unit and integration testing, time management for a project. Ability to make ETA for tasks.
  • Ability to find a compromise between business requirements and code quality which enough to avoid tech debt growing.
  • Experience of managing a small but heterogeneous team.
  • Experience of working with pretty big data using Spark.
  • Experience of building and maintaining a high-loaded web cluster.
  • Experience of creating of full featured small ISP level billing system. Participation in developing of industrial-leader-level universal billing system.
  • Good math background. Strong understanding of all levels of TCP/IP stack and Unix-like OS architecture. Experience of investigation and fix issues in low levels of "leaky abstractions".


  • Master of Science, Computers and Networks (Chernihiv Technological Institute, Department of Information and Computer Systems, 1999).

Business and Employment Experience, tasks performed, environment

  • Sep 2021 - Nov 2023. Apptopia Inc., Senior Data Engineer.
    • Working with pretty big data using Clojure, Amazon services (EC2, S3, AWS CLI), Apache Spark (RDD, Avro, Parquet), Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Postgresql.
    • Salesforce integration.

  • Mar 2019 - Aug 2021. EPAM Systems, Senior Software Engineer.
    • Maintenance of huge web service - bugfix/features (Perl, Javascript, CSS, Docker, MySQL, Oracle, git).
    • Migration big legacy project from Solaris to modern env (Perl, Shell, C, git).

  • Sep-2018 - Dec-2018 - Adavice, Development Director.
    • Developing and maintenence high-loaded landing platform (Postgresql, Perl, CGI, FastCGI, Javascript, git);
    • Developing and maintenence various API to external gates (Perl, git);
    • Performance optimization tasks (Perl, sh CLI tools, tcpdump, netcat).

  • Sep 2012 - Apr 2018. PortaOne, Perl Developer.
    • Working on core of billing system (Mainly: RADIUS, Diameter, SIP, Perl, git, MySQL, Oracle. Sometimes: Erlang, C, Python).

  • May 2005 - Aug 2012. ISP TIM, CTO.
    • Participation in making decision about general growth direction;
    • Making decision about network topology and technologies;
    • Development, administration and support teams management;
    • Resolving complex technical tasks.
    • Amount of abonents grown ~50 times.

  • Feb 2003 - Mar 2005. Network Administrator of ISP TIM, Ukraine.
    • Upstreams (BGP) and RIPE interoperation;
    • Neavy-loaded network equipment configuration (Cisco IOS, FreeBSD - TCP/IP stack, pptp, pppoe, netgraph, ipfw);
    • Development (Billing system - Perl, Postgresql, RADIUS; API to net equipment - SNMP; network daemons - C, Perl; hardware drivers - C).

  • May 2001 - Jan 2003. System Administrator of JSC Ukrnafta, Ukraine.
    • IT infrastructure maintenance. (Interbase, Firebird, Perl, TCP/IP, Linux, Samba, various versions of MS Windows)

  • Jul 1999 - Apr 2001. Programmer of JSC Ukrnafta, Ukraine.
    • Developing and maintenance applications for data access/processing (Interbase, Postgresql, Borland Delphi, Perl, CGI)

Programming and related skills

  • Programming languages: Clojure, Erlang, Perl, Lua, Python, C, Javascript.
  • RDBMS: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle experience. Good SQL knowledge. Other - Redis, Cassandra, Elasticsearch
  • Apache Spark, AWS services (EC2, S3, AWS CLI)
  • System and network administration: FreeBSD, Linux, Cisco.
  • Good knowledge of TCP/IP protocol stack, RADIUS, Diameter.
  • Software Development Methodologies: TDD, SCRUM.
  • VCS: git, cvs, rcs, hg.


  • STM32, ESP, RISC-V MCUs.
  • Functional programming.
  • Autopilot Software/Autonomous Navigation Systems.


  • English - B1.
  • Spanish - A1.
  • Ukrainian - native speaker.
  • Russian - native speaker.